Specification For Permanent Repair of All Utility And Water Service Cuts Using Perma-Patch

 METHODOLOGYUpon completion of utility or water repairs , the crew replace the excavated dirt or suitable fill material and pneumatically tamp this material layers of 6" of the base paving.New crusher run aggregate is then placed in 3" layer with compaction following the placement of each lift up to the level of the bottom of the base paving.It is recommended, but not essential, that Perma-Patch Copolymer be painted or applied on the inside vertical edges of the existing paving surrounding the cut.Perma-Patch  permanent paving material is poured from the package and placed in 3" layers with compaction of each layer with pneumatic ball type tamper. These lifts of Perma-Patch are then brought up to the surface of the surrounding paving.A final layer of Perma-Patch is then brought to1/2" to 1" above the surrounding paving, and tamped with a portable plate compactor or "jumping Jack" compactor.The repaired may be immediately opened to traffic

Materials Required and Description

 Crusher Run Aggregate MD. CR-6 or equivalent.Perma-Patch Copolymer (optional)- A strong bonding Material Composed of Polymer and modified asphalt which can be applied with brush,roller, or spray in all temperature and weather conditions.Perma-Patch - A Permanent paving material composed of pressure sensitive plastics, chemicals, modified asphalts, and special aggregate which can be easily placed and made immewdiately available to traffic under all weather conditions. 


 The seal between surrounding existing paving and Perma-Patch is tight and remains in place for the life of the surrounding pavement. No further sealing edge is required.The required area is immediately available to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. (Surface hardening can be accelerated by applying a light dusting of dry portland cement.)Smooth riding surface.repaired patch is smaller than usual because there is no need to cut back the surrounding are.Materials and equipment is smaller than usual because there is no need to cut back the surrounding area.Materials and equipment are easily transferred to the site and permit a smooth, efficient operation with no wasted labor time awaiting delivery of hot asphalt.If due to the improper compaction or unforeseen conditions a depression develops, repair can be made rapidly by adding Perma-Patch to the surface of depressed area without the need for further excavation or cutting. 


 * For compaction of trench areas, the XM832R stomper (Jumping Jack) with an 11" x 13" shoe with an impact force of 3200lb is recommended

* S52T Plate Compactor with a 14" x 24" plate give a 5100lb blow at 5400 vibrations per minute. This can be used either in the trench area or on the surface course.

* S28 Plate Compactor with a 19" x 24" plate give a 3000lb. below a 5800 vibrations per minute.Note- This should be used on the final surface course.Each of the above units weighs approximately 150-170lb. These units are manufactured by Stone Construction Equipment Company in Honeoye, New York.

* A flattened pneumatic ball type rammer can be substituted for the compaction in the trench area.

* Rake or square shovel* Brush, roller, or spray equipment  


 Meets or exceeds hot asphalt utility cut repairs.