Utility Applications.

Utility Applications

 While most people refer to street defects as potholes, there are various types of street defects that are caused by different factors and may require different methods to correct. 

Perma-Patch; A polymer enhanced high performance cold asphalt patch that works exceptionally well on Utilities applications
Perma-Patch bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood, and other hard surfaces. It bonds equally well to dry, damp, or wet surfaces. Use directly from bag; no mixing, heating, or special preparation needed.All these characteristics makes it an ideal patching material for all utilities applications requiring patching, and especially when two different materials like concrete and asphalt meet. 

Utility/Street Cut

 A utility or street cut is a section of asphalt cut out in order to install/repair underground utility infrastructure and it is repaved after the work is complete.A defect with a previously patched utility or street cut .Often these cuts will settle after being patched which causes a dip in the street.   

Manhole - Broken Asphalt

 Broken asphalt around a manhole may be caused by the freeze and thaw cycles during the winter.  It also may be caused by an underlying issue with the manhole structure.  In some cases, they shift and collapse from lack of water draining.  This type of patching may take longer than patching a pothole. 

Manhole - Asphalt Cut and Patch

 The manhole depicted here has had a structural defect or repair work performed, which resulted in the surrounding asphalt being cut out.  When repairing manhole issues, the asphalt is often cut out in a square or rectangular shape.  

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