True Cost of Pothole repair

 The cost most commonly associated with pothole patching is the cost of purchasing material. This is usually one of the least significant contributors to the overall cost of a patching operation. However, the material used for patching does impact the cost of the overall operation when there are differences in performance. More expensive materials that are placed with less effort and last longer can reduce the cost of the initial patching effort, as well as the amount of re-patching needed. This reduces the labor and equipment costs for the overall operation. 

Cost Comparison


To understand the true cost saving of Perma-Patch we have done a comparison based on costs in U.S.A . Please note the pricing of materials is the retail price that is typically charged my major distributors in North America.

Life Cycle cost comparison Pothole or utility repair. Using one bag of Perma-Patch versus standard Cold Mix.

Perma-Patch   Cold Mix
Labor               $8.00              $10.67

Equipment       $7.00               $9.93
Material          $21.00               $5.00
Material Waste $0.40               $0.75
                      ---------            ---------
Initial Cost      $36.40             $26.35
Average         1 Time             4 Times
Replacement Ratio
Real Cost         $36.40           $105.40

One Perma-Patch bag contains 60lb (27.2kgs) of material or 0.45 cubic ft. one bag will fill a  2' diameter by 2'' deep hole.