Cold vs Hot Asphalt


 1) Perma-Patch repairs are speedy and will accept traffic instantly, thereby minimizing interference with traffic

2) Perma-Patch patch paving is more permanent than hot asphalt when making pothole or utility cut repairs.

3) Potholes may be filled during rain or when wet.

4) It is not necessary to cut out or remove small debris from pothole   before applying Perma-Patch.

5) Existing depressions can be easily and rapidly filled in with Perma-Patch without cutting out the defective area.

6) Perma-Patch corrects the effect of "Ward's Law"  which states that "within three months to three after application of hot asphalt, due to thermal coefficient of expansion of dissimilar materials, the new paving separates from the old paving, allowing water to enter. With the freeze/thaw effect of the winter, this leads to destruction of the patched areas as well as the surrounding paving which can extend to the street base up to 500 feet away.

7) Tack cold or hot asphalt sealants do not have to be sprayed in to the pothole before applying Perma-Patch.

8) A small plate compactor can be used instead of heavy rollers and other traffic obstructing equipment.

9) Material is not lost due to the asphalt setting up or being thrown away because of rain.

10) There is no truck waiting at a hot mix plant or time lost in spraying the truck body with a non stick coating. Trucks do not have to be cleaned out each night 

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